Corporal Leffe Hecate


Homeworld: Medusa


Low-tech MacGyver
There is family and there are enemies
Off-world fascination
That’s new. I’m in!
Use your environment
Good can be found in surprising places
Gruff with a heart of gold
Building a family


rank 5 skill resolve
rank 4 skills survival[MG], close combat
rank 3 skills gunnery, stamina, brawling
rank 2 skills demolitions, intimidation, agility, slug throwers
rank 1 skills culture/tech[Paxcess], tactics, aircraft, alertness, assets


  • Pack Leader – allies can use my Resolve for Close Combat (max 3)
  • Survival Training – military-grade survival
  • IronhideIntegral Equipment – Naturally radiation resistant equivalent to radiation hazmat suit

Stress Tracks

health: O O O O O
composure: O O O O O O
wealth: O O O O


  • sun goggles
  • variable blade []
  • hunting rifle: harm:1, range:2-4, penetration:2
  • emergency kit, rations
  • combat hazard suit [def:5; pressurized, lightweight]

Phase 1: Growing Up
- Raised in a communal desert ranger clan
- parents ARE the group, so are siblings
- desert rangers have a harsh life – don’t live long due to mutations for surface (usually bad, sometimes good)
- trained to keep Cascade attackers on surface and battle them there
= Low-tech MacGyver
- There is family and there are enemies

Phase 2: Starting Out
- became fascinated with the Cluster beyond Medusa. There must be more than spare desert survival. Formed offworld recon team.
- Offword fascination
- That’s new. I’m in.

Phase 3: Moment of Crisis
I led, but didn’t understand tech and got us too close to a comet storm. Everyone died. Saved by [BRUCE’S CHAR] on his way back to Medusa.
- Overprotective
- Luddite

Phase 4: Side Tracked
- Watched [SANDY’S CHAR]’s ship crash and “let the desert take your enemies,” as was our way. Saved Sandy when the others had died, but I had seen him try to save the jerk of the group at great sacrifice.
- Use your environment.
- Good can be found in surprising places.

Phase 5: Coming Together
- I need a family and exploration. I need money for this, so mercenary work is a good path.
- I need family but I don’t trust these guys yet, so I’ll project a tough exterior.
- Gruff, with heart of gold.
- Building a family.

Corporal Leffe Hecate

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