Khalmax Laudwass

Quillithian outcast, diplomat


Homeworld: Quillith


Everything in it’s place
Don’t push me
Good liar
I can learn that
Can’t go home
I can do that for you
I’ll try that
I own the Medusian a blood debt
Student of cluster cultures
First contact


rank 5 skill stamina
rank 4 skills resolve, science
rank 3 skills medical, energy weapon, oratory
rank 2 skills brawling, intimidation, bureaucracy, assets
rank 1 skills stealth, engineering, culture/tech[Cascade], slug thrower, agility


  • _military-grade energy weapon
  • _take-a-bonus oratory (backup orator)
  • _integral-equipment cortical communicator

Stress Tracks

health: O O O O O O
composure: O O O O O
wealth: O O O O


  • brass knuckles
  • PDA
  • pulse laser pack
  • sunglasses
  • sunblock
  • automatic shotgun
  • running shoes

Grew up in an ultra-clean environment where individualism was suppressed. As as teen I rebelled by “dreaming” of travelling.

Worked in the Diplomacy Office in the Off-World department. In dealing with off-world personnel I discovered an aptitude for quickly learning how things work.

My life was forever changed when I surreptitiously guided a Cascadian ship to an unsanctioned landing area. I brokered a deal for __________ to attain required materials and also convinced him that my departure from Quillith was to his benefit.

My departure from Quillith and subsequent exploration of the cluster went sideways when I inadvertently, while target shooting asteroids, disabled a Medusan ship. I tried to save the Medusan crew but only managed to save one member. I explained to the Medusan survivor that his ship was destroyed by a rogue asteroid – I left out the part that the asteroids’ trajectory was a result of my target practice.

My yearning desire to learn about other societies is now secondary to my unspoken obligation to the Medusan.

Khalmax Laudwass

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