Belster Shipsail

CEO of Shipsail Robotics and recently turned adventurer/anti-war activist


Homeworld: Paxcess


Everything comes easy to me
Surrounded by robot servants
I can do that better!
Can’t a robot do that?
Strong mistrust of others
Not for war!
Insatiable curiosity
Redemption can save me
Money is no obstacle
Peace fighter


rank 5 skill assets
rank 4 skills engineering, science
rank 3 skills alertness, repair, stamina
rank 2 skills brokerage, survival, culture/tech[Medusa,Cascade], resolve
rank 1 skills arts, aircraft, intimidation, medical, vehicle


  • The Gorgoneionhave a thing – T2 Medusian slipship
  • ???take a bonus – use my repair for +1 bonus to skill?] in [situation]
  • ???swap a skill – use assets for resolve

Stress Tracks

health: O O O O O
composure: O O O O
wealth: O O O O O O


  • license to fly
  • access
  • database
  • contracts
  • iron ring, machine shop, toolkit
  • sunglasses
  • running shoes
  • low vel pistol

Belster Shipsail

Blackened Earth, Bright Sky Zeddman