T-2, E2, R-1 (Industrialization, one garden world and several survivable worlds, almost viable)


Habitat domes grown to order
Sensual people with a unique biochemistry
Our bodies and pleasures are for sale

Rhiann was an isolated system just starting to unify under a planetary government when the first Cascade missionaries arrived in their quest for the Divine Spark. Unfortunately for the missionaries, they were culturally unprepared for the sensual Rhiann people and their vast array of pleasure drugs. On Rhiann, the metal laden missionaries were looked up on as impossibly rich. They took the opportunity to insert themselves into Cascade society as consorts, pleasure slaves, and purveyors of sensual delights. Their biochemistry often acts as an intoxicating catalyst for other species.

Today, Rhiann is a steady ally for Cascade – selling their only really asset: themselves. Former Cascade missionaries, corrupted by the Rhiann sensual way of life, act as defacto governors of the political system. Despite this, they are easily influenced by Rhiann advisers who see to most of the details. Cascade culture is showing signs of transformation due to their influence; and to a lesser extent, Rhiann culture is changing as well.


High environment and single slip connection to the rest of the cluster, Rhiann is a backwater system but one with steady immigration. Visitors are assigned guides, termed Consorts who introduce them to the culture (and pleasures) of the system. Technology and metal from visitors are often taken in trade for all of these activities. Many who visit Rhiann tend to stay.
Cascade maintains a single starport (Rapture) here for slipships; a nearby gas giant serves as a source of unprocessed r-mass fuel for visiting ships.
Rhiann is governed by dome district Facilitors – those who collectively enact laws and settle disputes, who broker companion terms of service to foreigners. Payments are disbursed to families and clans while technology is administered for the betterment of Rihann society.


Population: in the billions (modern day Earth) – (9)
Culture: Liberal (offworlders are welcomed)
Government: Feudal Technocracy – (5)

Notable Groups:
Tourist Directorate [captive government – foreign appointed Directors] (overwhelming popular support)
Transit Guild faction [impersonal bureaucracy] (minor group, some supporters)
Growers Guild faction [impersonal bureaucracy] (minor group, some supporters)

Law Level: low – (1)
Restrictions: large effect weapons and dangerous technologies are banned, communication devices are regulated

Starport: Rapture (quality:4 star; berth costs:high; repair and gas giant refueling facilities)

Notable System Planets: Eoni, Rhiann*, and Lotho


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