T0, E1, R0 (Exploring the system, one garden and several hostile environments, sustainable)


Xenophobic germaphobes
Regulated and screened test-tube births
Outworlders must not violate the quarantine

In the early years of Quillithian history, they endured several outbreaks of disease and plagues. These experiences ingrained in the culture a deep fear and revulsion for germs and a concern for the purity of their genetic code. Production of offspring is regulated and technology is used to eliminate defects and improve the survivability of the species.

As signals of visiting slipstream ships from Cascade and Medusa began to explore their cluster, they realized the potential for disaster from alien contamination. Without technology to close access to their system, they realized that they needed to control their exposure and study the aliens biology. A planetary-wide quarantine was instituted for all off-world visitors. The droids of Paxcess were ruled safe (if not exactly popular), the people of Ascendant Prime are seen as distasteful with their proclivity for spilling bodily fluids, and the reported descriptions of Meduseans fill them with horror. There are rumors of government scientists abducting aliens for biological study but inquiries are dismissed: “All offworlders are strictly tracked and accounted”.



Population: tens of millions – (7)
Culture: Honorable (word is your bond, lying is rare and despised)
Government: Balkanization – (7)

Notable Groups:
?? faction [balkanization splinter faction, minor group, some supporters]
?? faction [representative democracy, notable group, significant support, well known]

Law Level: medium – (5)

Veracity Station (quality:4 stars; berth costs:average; refueling and repair facilities)
Alienage Station (quality:3 stars; berth costs:high; refueling and repair facilities)

Notable System Planets: ???*


Blackened Earth, Bright Sky Zeddman