T0, E0, R-1 (Exploring the system, one garden world (and perhaps additional barren worlds), almost viable)


Robotic servants everywhere
Animal life has nearly all died out
Our droids are at your service, for a price…

The droids of Paxcess, although simple, pervade everyday life. Cleaning, transportation, factories, entertainment, and nearly anything else you can imagine. Artificial sentience has not been achieved and the vast majority of droids are labor saving devices. If Paxcess is said to have one skill, it is ingenuity in robotic servants. This is a fact in which they market well to visitors to the system – selling their droids and services maintaining them to other systems. The lone homeworld of Pax is governed by a system of direct voting in a planetary wide network which also connects many of their droids.

At one point in history, Paxcess used to have a thriving wildlife population but over-hunting and conspicuous consumption has nearly exterminated all animal life on Pax. Today, the very few remaining animals are in zoos or private collections. An underground demand for the consumption of meat-flesh exists despite protective laws. Illegal smuggling of animals from foreign systems also does brisk trade among the wealthy of Pax.


Paxcess maintains two spaceports: one as a showcase of droids for off-world traders (Gallery station), the other monitors the planet-wide communication network. Off-world travellers are allowed on Gallery station, and very rarely on Grid station (and only with the proper permits and authorization). Grid station also serves as a droid manufacturing base for shipment to foreign systems. This station maintains a full staff of engineers and computer specialists for these activities.


Population: tens of millions – (7)
Culture: Unusual customs – eating
Government: Impersonal Bureaucracy – (9)

Notable Groups:
Directorate of Offworld Affairs faction [impersonal bureaucracy, minor group, some supporters]
Droid Guild faction [non-charismatic leader, notable group, significant support, well known]

Law Level: high – (9)
Restrictions: Off-worlders restricted to spaceports, drugs only in medical facilities, technology is heavily regulated, censored off-world information.

Gallery Station (quality:3 stars; berth costs:average; repair and unrefined fueling facilities)
Grid Station (quality:4 stars; berth costs:high; building, repair, and refined fueling facilities)

Notable System Planets: Pax*


Blackened Earth, Bright Sky Zeddman