T-1, E-2, R-3 (Atomic power, hostile environment, multiple dependencies)


The Great Experiment has ruined our world,
Lethal radiation winds,
Cascade will pay for not helping to save our world!

Medusa used to be a rich and fertile world, just gaining slipstream technology when they encountered the missionaries of Cascade. While initially perplexed by their beliefs, the two systems nevertheless formed a partnership to explore the cluster. Envy of the solar engineering technology of Cascade led to an attempt to replicate that technology and harness the magnetic and thermal power of the core of their planet.

Medusa’s grand experiment went horribly wrong. The molten core of the planet went cold, pushing massive amounts of radioactive matter into the crust and atmosphere. Pleas for help to Cascade were caught up in theocratic debate and Medusa’s protective magnetic field was stilled leaving the harsh rays of their blue-white star to bathe their planet in solar radiation. Citizens often suffer from genetic damage and deformities due to the lethal environment. Medusa once great civilization is but a bitter memory. Many foster a desire for revenge as they look for opportunities to lay waste to Cascade in the same way Medusa has fallen.


Surface of Medusa is marked with many fissures and volcanic activity. High velocity winds carry radioactive dust and make planetside landings dangerous. Cities which remain are underground and have limited food generation capabilities – hydroponic farms and water reclamation plants. Ironically enough, atomic power is plentiful. Paxcess droid technology is often used in hazardous areas to minimize human exposure. Ascendant Prime ships are frequently in system trading medicines and supplies in exchange for radioactive materials.

Population: tens of millions – (7)
Culture: Conspiracy (government is being subverted by another group or agency)
Government: Balkanisation – (7)

Dragonhand faction [overwhelming popular support, more powerful than the government, advocates guerrilla strikes against Cascade]
Alliance faction [notable group, significant support, well known, ally with Ascendant Prime against Cascade]
Metalcap [minor group, some supporters – Paxcess corporation supplying droids for hazardous tasks]
Law Level: low – (2)
Restrictions: Energy weapons are banned, strict decontamination measures are in effect.

Draconis station (planet orbit; quality:1 stars; berth costs:low; no fuel or repair facilities)
Grablix station (decaying planetary orbit; burnt out and wreaked research station from the time of the great experiment)

Notable System Planets: Medusa*


Blackened Earth, Bright Sky Zeddman