T2, E0, R1 (Slipstream use, one garden world (perhaps additional barren worlds), rich)


We are the blessed people of the Divine Fire
Our world is bathed in the solar curtain
Seeking the Divine Spark in the heavens

Cascade has always seemed to be a blessed place. Their world is green, peaceful, and has plenty of resources. The solar flux from their lone sun flies across the void and finds it’s way into the strong magnetic fields of Cascade causing spectacular auroras. Perhaps it was a unique interaction of this radiation with brain chemistry, perhaps the beauty of the shimmering curtains inspired the primitive cultures to peace, or perhaps it was some divine blessing but the population of Cascade did not suffer from large scale wars or discord. Under this nurturing environment, they at first learned understand the nature of the shimmering lights, next to alter it, and finally to control it. They have advanced their technology to an unparalleled mastery of the solar winds.

Worship of the Divine Fire is nearly universal in Cascade. Their holy writings speak of the Divine Spark which ignited their sun and blessed their lives. In their greatest endeavor, they bent their mastery of technology to travel the slipstream in an effort to reach out and touch the Divine Spark. To their dismay, they found other worlds where the Divine Fire did not hold sway – the first of which was another slipstream culture: the Medusa system. Resolving to enlighten their deprived brothers from the stars, they attempted to help kindle the Divine Fire in that system. This act of good intentions resulted in a planetary disaster for the Medusians.

In turmoil, Cascade debated long as to the meaning of the failure. In the end, it was determined that only the Divine Spark could enlighten them and others. To this day, they continue to seek the Divine Spark in hopes of bringing the Divine Fire to the rest of the cluster.


With plentiful resources, many connections to other systems, and the most advanced ships in the cluster, Cascade controls the trade crossing their system. Most slipships in the cluster are of Cascade make although a few aging pre-disaster Medusian ships are seen from time to time. Cascade will lease or sell older slipships to other systems – with the view that more eyes outside the system benefits them. Cascade is deeply interested in signs of the Divine Spark so each ship which enters the system is required to allow inspection of their travel logs and sensor readings. In exchange, Cascade theocrats allow expedited r-mass refueling from their facilities. Those who refuse to cooperate may find themselves delayed for a significant period. Travellers who consistently bring promising leads for the Cascade quest for the Divine Spark can negotiate favorable trading agreements from this rich system. As a result, Cascade enjoys a brisk trade and travel: Cascade Seeker-class ships being frequent, followed by a significant foreign owned or operated converted Cascade slipships. Cascade missionaries will often carry trade goods to other systems but only as a side endeavor to aid negotiations with foreign systems.


Population: hundreds of millions – (8)
Culture: Caste system, based on the hues of the visible spectrum
Government: Charismatic religious oligarchy – (12)

Notable Groups:
Alienation League [representative democracy] (notable group, well known)

Law Level: high – (10)
Restrictions: all weapons are banned

Solarium Shipyards (quality:3 star; berth costs:avg; construction, repair, and gas giant and asteroid refueling facilities)
Cinder Orbital Station (quality:3 star; berth costs:avg; research, repair and particle collector refueling facilities)
Crossroads Station (quality:3 star; berth costs:avg; repair and refined refueling facilities)

Notable System Planets: Cinder, Cascade*


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