Ascendant Prime

T1, E1, R0 (Exploiting the system, one garden world and several hostile environments, sustainable)


Lifelong military culture
Ritualized Colonial Wars
Destined to conqueror the cluster – starting with Cascade

This system has had a long history of bloody conflict and wars. At a young age, each is taught the arts of combat, the strategies of war, and the destiny of the Ascendant people to rule. Each member of society is expected to master these arts and to be ready to prove themselves at a moment’s notice. Other societies may never have reached a level of significant civilization but the Ascendants developed a set of highly ritualized rules to govern their conduct. As they first started to explore their system, they deliberately created soldier colonies on the hostile worlds of Secondus, Tertius, and Quartus. Every solar cycle forces from these colonies engage in space battles as a proving ground to strengthen their tactics and fortify the spirit of the people.

When they first learned of the other cultures in the cluster, they knew that the were destined to take their place as conquerors. In their eyes, their greatest threat are the citizens of the Cascade system with their superior technology. The insular Quillithians would pose no challenge, the broken Meduseans offered no threat – at best a tool to use against Cascade. With no slipstream technology of their own, Ascendants need to steal or discover ships to take them where they need to go. A slow process, but a general must be patient.


With several connections to other systems and superior (with the exception of Cascade) ships at their disposal, Ascendant Prime has solid control of their space. Mining ships have begun making forays into Quillith space to exploit (poach) resources from that system. Trade with Medusa exists – mostly in the form of medical supplies and life-support technologies in return for rare and dangerous radioactive materials. Patrols within the system tend to harass Cascade ships – given the suspicion that Cascade ships are always accumulating data. Such ships are often boarded and searched – although a Rhiann intermediary can do much to smooth the way. Slipships used by Ascendant Prime consist of either converted Cascade ships or more rarely, Ascendant Prime ships retrofitted with acquired Cascade slipdrives. These ships are often military sponsored traders (i.e. spies) travelling to other systems for trade. Traders entering the system to ply goods need the appropriate permits and landing papers.


Population: hundreds of millions – (8)
Culture: Ritualized Barbarism
Government: Military Dictatorship – (11)

Notable Groups:
Logistics and Operations faction [civil service bureaucracy – grew out of logistics and support for large bodies of troops] (notable group, supported and well known)
Old Nations factions [balkanization – remnants of the old nations before united under military conquest] (fringe group, few supporters)
Law Level: high – (8)
Restrictions: non-military weapons are banned, censored information about other cluster systems

Panoptican Prime station (near the Proving Grounds; quality:3 stars; berth costs:avg; medical, repair, and refueling facilities)
Glory Forge shipyards (asteroid belt; quality:4 stars; berth costs:high; building, repair, and refueling facilities)

Notable System Planets: Ascendant Prime*, Secondus, Tertius, and Quartus (colony settlements)

Ascendant Prime

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