Nolan Nexus

Cascadian Humanitarian and archeologist


Homeworld Cascade


Must fix what’s broken
Don’t stand in my way
I can’t do it alone
Robots can do the work
Circumvent bureaucracy
Biotech contacts
Help those In need
Relic bloodhound


rank 5 skill Archaeology
rank 4 skills Medical, Engineer
rank 3 skills Repair, Slugthrowers, MicroG
rank 2 skills Resolve, Stamina, Vehicle, EVA
rank 1 skills Culture/tech [], Brawling, Communications, Aircraft, Agility


  • Find Soft Spot – free form – 1 point penetration in brawl
  • military-grade medical – remove ally damage modifier
  • military-grade engineer – repairs roll against 0 instead of damage shifts

Stress Tracks

health: O O O O
composure: O O O O
wealth: O O O


  • Certification flight & vehicle
  • Brass knuckles
  • Access to machine shop
  • Advanced pressure suit (DEF 3) computer, easy to repair, lightweight
  • Tool kit repair
  • Medical facilities & kit
  • Database archaeology
  • Mag boots
  • Personal assault gun [harm:2 range:1-4 pen:2 awkward reload]

Nolan Nexus

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